Our crew is comprised of Gray Gogolin who is a long- term Holland resident and worked with the Parks and Recreation department for years. Garry Visscher is a teacher helping us schlep kayaks in the summer, when he isn’t working with kids. Andrew Thorsby, you may remember from prior years, is a student at Western Michigan University.

I am the gray-hair you see on the YouTube videos. One of these days we will get photos up on the site.
One of the things, I messed up on this year was to forget to delete our address on our web site. The result was some old customers went to our old location and rented kayaks thinking we were still there. Nope.

The result was we received some calls complaining of poor quality kayaks. I am really sorry about this oversight on my part.

For 10 years now, we have provided rental kayaks to the following:

  • South Haven, Michigan on the Black River-please call for reservations.
  • Holland, Michigan for the Pigeon River and other places- please call ahead.
  • Saugatuck area on the Kalamazoo River- please call for reservations.
  • We can help you with other places and for your cottage use, just call us.
  • We deliver them right to you at the water for your convenience. We believe our rates are competitive and our service and equipment superior….give us a try!