Michigan has beautiful rivers and many natural features; we like to show them off. The best places to kayak are in the midst of clean, flowing water, surrounded by a beautiful natural setting to observe wildlife and enjoy the quiet beauty. We specialize in knowing and paddling these places.

We bring the kayaks to you at the river side, so no need to lug them home or scout for launch sites, we do that for you. These waters are flat, no white water, and generally shallow without much boat traffic over the stretches you paddle. We help you launch and land. We explain different features of the river in front of you and eliminate any surprises. We work from a reservation log, so just call us and we will have kayaks for you, where and when you want them.

When you are in West Michigan, let us introduce you to some of the best paddlings around.

Venues – In addition to different individual natural features, each of the following rivers have important historic impact to their local community.

Pigeon River, located about 7 miles north of Holland, this is just a beautiful 3.5 mile stretch of sub-emergent marsh which means it is alive with colorful vegetation and water lilies in the summer and an amazing diversity of trees that provides probably more powerful fall color in a limited space than any other stretch we know of in the area.

Kalamazoo River, there are a few paddling reaches on this beautiful river that flows through the Allegan Forest. This major Michigan wetland is one of the largest repositories of migratory birds in the state. It is a bird watcher’s and photographer’s paradise. One paddling reach extends about 12 miles for a 4 hour paddle and another reach about 6 miles for a 2 hour paddle. We charge a special rate for trips of more than 6 miles. Call for rates on these adventure paddle trips.

Black River in South Haven, this is a high-banked river that reaches back into forested canopies along the winding Heritage Water trail extending 21 miles between South Haven and Bangor. Lots of turtles and an assortment of birds and other wildlife will greet you along the way. Most of our customers like to put in and take out at Black River park and paddle a few miles upstream before turning back and returning to the take out location. This Heritage Water Trail ( Heritage Water Trail ) is worth paddling.