We thought you might be interested in how we approach our business. It all begins with finding a peaceful place. in recent years we have been fortunate to get to know Wendell Berry whose writings remind of the basic things.

Kayak-Kayak LLC is a company based in Holland, Michigan where I moved after thirty years of working in Manhattan. I switched from a great view of the water to a great time on the water. It was a move from the steel and glass canyons of the city to the gigantic sand dunes and forests of west Michigan. I gave up one love and found another, as I explored the incredible natural beauty of Michigan. For several years now I have been moving to expansion in the sound during the cold of the Michigan winters. There are several great spots to choose from, but none offers the expansive paddling opportunity of Southwest Florida. We will be doing inland river paddling there. The adventure in exploring the wilderness of Michigan put me on the rivers, lakes, and islands of the state. Using kayak and bike, I got closer to nature than at any time in my life. The great diversity of natural exposure and eco structures of Florida is adding a new dimension to my paddling. Our business there will be called The Paddle Ranch.

Hours: We believe in personalized attention, but since our mint julep inventory is depleted, we do not hang around a store. In fact, we do not have one anymore. We have a barn to store the gear. It is by far our preference to be on the water and with customers. The best way to reach me is by phone or email [email protected] I am happy to set up an appointment and meet you.

We have another term to express what we are about, we say: “Balance Your Life”

Balance Your Life

  • Eat……”eat food…..not too much………mostly plants”- Michael Pollan
  • Water, drink lots of it. The primary anti-aging factor. Most of us walk around dehydrated.
  • Fruit, eat a lot of it. Get most of our sugar naturally.
  • Vegetables eat mostly for our supply of vitamins and fiber.
  • Grains for snacks and supplements.
  • Nuts for energy and snacks.
  • Play…exercise the body….free the mind…..stretch the muscles
  • Paddle often
  • Ride your bike
  • Walk
  • Swim
  • Keep low impact on joints
  • Stretch-Yoga/Tai Chi
  • Relate….laughter is the best tonic and sunshine for the soul
  • Listen
  • See
  • Smell
  • Laugh
  • Think/reason
  • Pray
  • Enrich others
  • Work…find satisfaction in toilsome work…ecc:5:18
  • Diligently
  • Focused
  • With excellence

no reserve….. no retreat….. no regrets…….. William Borden 1910