Welcome to Kayak-Kayak of Holland, Michigan. Thanks for
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. Cheers, Skip

In all things of Nature, there is something of the marvelous”….Aristotle

We love these words and thoughts of our friend Mr, Aristotle. Frankly, we cannot find a better opening quote that so clearly resonates with what we believe about nature, so we have used this as the opening line for our web site for several years.  Aristotle’s statement reflects our thinking, our commitment and our experience and we invite you to join us: Step into the Marvelous!

We are particularly blessed to be able to focus on the paddling venue here in Michigan. What really makes this special is that Michigan offers a wide range of paddling options. West Michigan, our immediate area, is a microcosm of Michigan Paddling. Our goal is for at least one group paddle per week this summer. We have been hard pressed to do on a regular basis in the past because of heavy schedules ….but this year; we set aside” Wednesdays on the Water”( we refer to this as WOW).  See more under the “What’s Happening” section later on this site.

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Let us help you plan your group adventure. Remember we rent 7 days a week, just call us at 616.366.1146.

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We know much of the waters and the trails of West Michigan.  And we know lots of the local places, so we started West Michigan Discovery to help you with interesting local venues.

We are happy to help you identify and plan your trip. Our paddling venues are among the most beautiful in the country. Over the course of years, we have enjoyed so much of the great natural opportunities of West Michigan and even heading up to the Upper Peninsula that we have organized or helped others plan some of their trips. This we call Wilderness Adventure Trekking. So give us a call from special corporate team building outings to church groups to out- door bridal party trips, we have enjoyed advising on a wide range of activities.

The venues have expanded to include combination bike and kayak events, wilderness treasure hunts and unique team building exercises.

Our base Camp

We are located at 1200 Ottawa Beach Road, Holland, Michigan 49424.  We have the lower level and the rear deck, where we hope to spend most of our time, when we are not on the water. Come see our “Paddlers Porch” and have some coffee and conversation. If you want to fly in, Park Township airport is just across the street, which makes it convenient for our international customers and access to our corporate hangar.  Our neighbors, good friends and strategic partners are the West Shore Board Shop. They have SUP’s and other boards. You can rent them through us or go direct. Incidentally, one of our good customers flies his plane from west of Chicago, lands at Park Township airport and paddles for a few hours before flying home.

Balance Your Life

Another continuing theme for us is “Balance your Life”. You will notice this on various printed materials from our shop. We realize that the best way to enjoy paddling and reap returns from your outdoor adventures is for a balance in your approach. This means to us regular exercise, good nutrition, healthy relationships and a reasonable approach to work.  It is our experience that this is a meaningful reality and a motivating force for our customers, both buyers and renters of kayaks.

Kayak Kaboose Trailers

Our line of trailers have become very popular in just a few years. Check them out in our Trailer section.

Boat Lines

We are very pleased to offer a strong line of brands in our kayaks. The manufacturers are all paddlers and family businesses that are committed to paddlers whom they see as an extension of their family. The Delsyk line of kayaks is designed by Mike Neckar (the founder of Necky) he is back with this outstanding line of boats which fit between our Prijon touring boats and the Emotion recreational line of kayaks. Our Nifty touring boats include the 385 (12’6”) and 430 (14’1”). The 430 comes equipped with a rudder or skeg. The Tuktu is a great river kayak, at 10’4” kayak with a single rear hatch and bulkhead and weighing only 42 lbs.  I have spent many a day in the Tuktu and find it to be just a wonderful boat for rivers and lakes. The Salish is a new tandem design for excellent paddling at a terrific price point. This is a particularly unique combination of quality, performance and value!

In the Emotion line, we have several new models available this year to complement the ever popular Glide and Temptation models. If you are looking for fun in quality recreational kayak that is fit for Michigan waters…..the Emotion line is terrific and at great price points. Performance and price is combined in this line

These are great value boats that bring our customers even a wider selection of good value.